Fully automatic bending machine HERBER 90 CNCTB

Technical specifications

Max. capacity of a material with a tensile strength 400N/mm2 90 x 5 Ø mm
Max. centre line radius 250 mm
Max. centre line radius with a standard shaft 50 mm
Min. centre line radius with a standard shaft 50 mm

Specification of basic machine

Basic machine
  • pneumatics, hydraulics and mechanics built according to the VDMA, ISO and DIN norms

Standard equipment

  • control panel including CNC system with emergency stop
  • foot pedals
  • automatic retraction tools with rotating hub
  • emergency gates on both sides of the bending head
  • complete equipment for booster bending, including holder for booster die
  • max. pressure-lenght = 700mm
  • equipment for split tools
  • equipment for serpentine coil bending

Description of the pressure die booster, W-axis

  • programmable start push of the booster, i.e. 2mm, to prevent wall reduction at the start of the bend
  • programmable extra pressure/speed (mm/degree) of the booster, to minimize wall reduction and ovality of the bent tubes
  • programmable boosting angle, during which the extra pressure/speed is requied
  • programmable brake angle at the end of the programmed bending angle, to stop wrinkling at the inside of the bend
  • programmable stop of the booster, to stretch the material at the end of the bend
  • general or individual programming of each separate bending movement

Bending tools

  • for Ø 31,8 mm, centre line radius = 45mm incl.
  • for Ø 38 mm, centre line radius = 45, 75 and 125mm incl.
  • for Ø 44,5 mm, centre line radius = 110mm incl.
  • for Ø 60,3 mm, centre line radius = 150mm and 250mm incl.
  • for Ø 70,1 mm, centre line radius = 150mm and 250mm incl.
We are able to provide tools include bending for Ø 21,3 mm - Ø 88,9 mm; radius 1,2D to R250. We can process an offer for your requirement.