Pipe bending and serpentine systems

We provide tube bending with our machine HERBER 90 CNCTB from Ø 20 mm - 89 mm, wall thickness up to 12 mm pipes. The bend radius of 1.25 or more. The main function of tube bending is for repairing boilers - called. Pipe bending and serpentine systems (economizers, superheaters, combustion chamber). Technology for pipe bending and serpentine systems without bending mandrel - thus prevents damage to the internal tube wall, thereby increasing lifetime of the equipment in operation. We also offer individual bends - according to the customers needs, we are able to produce spatial bends. Bending machine is fully automated.
In the preparation for serpentine systems we also perform orbital welding heads and pressuring parts production using a pressurization unit with an internal pressure of up to 30MPa, including automatic reports during the test.
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