RUBING Ltd. - welcomes you

We are an engineering-delivery company that has its own production and assembly facilities that provides services to companies in the Czech and Slovak Republic regions, focusing on complex solutions in hall and technological constructions, sheathing, technical equipment of buildings, effective and ecologically sound production and distribution of heat, starting from project documentation to presenting the customer with a "ready-to-use" project that we have worked on from start to finish.

The company RUBING Ltd. was established in the year 1995.

The company’s basic business philosophy is the complex development of a given sector with the focus on the needs of our customers. We emphasize an offer of “customized solutions”. There are competent managers in each sector with the required special knowledge and experience, which consult and prepare the optimal solution to the customer’s investment intension. The final solution is transformed to the particular project and realization phases. We offer our customers a complex solution for the entire project as well as implementation of the particular steps in the project (only work project, only technical completion, etc.). Everything is directly subordinated to the optimal technical solution while minimizing project expenses. The needed engineering activities (Land Use Approval, Building Permit, and Final Building Approval) are, of course, provided.

Company RUBING provides the mentioned services through its own employees who have the needed professional knowledge and also experience in this area including many years of experience in direct involvement with construction of complete industrial plants, frequently realized for prestigious supra-national companies. In our team, we also have external collaborators who as either physical or legal entities cooperate very closely on selected projects.

We’ve been offering our customers a similar range of our services since 2001 also in Slovakia through our daughter company RUBING SLOVAKIA Ltd.

In May 2006, the company successfully passed the certification audit of its administration systems in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001, 14001:2005 and ČSN EN 729-2 at TÜV CZ Ltd. This enable us to strengthen our credentials and quality focusing on our customers as well as confirm our position as suppliers of sophisticated technological units on the market.

The fusion of RUBING Ltd. and LKH-Servis, Ltd. took place in the year 2006. Under the trade name RUBING Ltd., offer to customers broadened services in building industry and power supply engineering.